Stinger RXV/Flo Instructions

Stinger RXV/Flo Instructions

 Dashboard Instruction for the Stinger RXV or Flo

Key Less, Live More!™

  1. With the keypad, enter the user code and press START/STOP.  Your golf cart is now in NEUTRAL.
  2. To drive FORWARD, press the 1 (F) button.
  3. To drive in REVERSE, press the 4 (R) button.
  4. To turn off the golf cart COME TO A COMPLETE STOP.

Press 1 (F) if you are in forward gear or 4 (R) if you are in reverse gear.  

This will put the golf cart in NEUTRAL and then press START/STOP.

Note: The STOP function, will only be activated if the golf cart is motionless for at least 1.5 seconds.  Also, if the golf cart is in neutral, and motionless for 60 seconds, the Stinger turns the inactive golf cart off.

 Change/Update User Code

  1. Make sure the Stinger is OFF.
  2. Enter the 8 digit Master Code (found on the DO NOT LOSE card) and push the START/STOP button.
  3. The battery meter should start blinking if entered correctly.
  4. Now enter the new 4 digit user code, then press the START/STOP button to turn the Stinger OFF.
    Note: with current Firmware your user code can’t be the same as the first 4 digits of the Master Code. You will be contacted when new Firmware is available.
  5. Your new user code is now ready to be used and the old one is deleted.