Stinger Pro App Guide


Experience mobile engagement with your cart!

They’re not just for golf.

Golf carts are used on campgrounds, car dealerships, seminaries, retirement communities, college campuses, and more.

The Stinger Enhances The Golf Cart Experience


Replace the key ignition with the Stinger. Get direct and mobile PIN vehicle activation.


A new level of security. A more accurate battery monitor. An integrated mobile platform.


The interactive mobile app is a new dimension of advanced vehicle engagement.

The StingerPro Mobile App Empowers The Golf Cart User With Secure & Enhanced Features

PIN Code Access

Vehicle activation/deactivation.

Battery Power Monitor

Get a quick and accurate glance at the vehicle’s battery power level.


Get updated and detailed weather conditions specific to your cart location.

Bluetooth Enabled

Find and connect with your Stinger up to 50 feet.


Software Upgrades Over The Air” Firmware upgrades via Bluetooth. (Fall 2018)

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Stinger Pro Mobile App Quick Reference Guide

Step 1

Get the “Stinger Pro” mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2

Enter your name and email. An access code will be sent to the email. This code activates the app.

Step 3

Your app will remind you to activate your smartphone’s Bluetooth if it’s off.

Step 4

Your app will search for nearby Stingers. Tap on your Stinger’s number.

Step 5

Enter your 8 digit mastercode to pair your smartphone and Stinger. Then, enter your user code. You will only need to enter these codes once when you first download the app.

Step 6

Press the START/STOP button for Stinger activation without needing to enter your usercode.

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Did You Know?

The Stinger Core Purpose

Start At Safety And Security

Security and safety is a big issue in the golf cart market. Theft, vandalism and accidents are key problems that demand solutions. Private owners, golf courses, and even children can suffer from a lack of solid protective measures. The Stinger serves to be a major factor in the deterrence of theft and unauthorized vehicle users. XiQ’s contribution of prevention is our way of enhancing the golf cart experience.

Interesting Statistics

% Of Resold Golf Carts Used Away From Courses 85%
% Of Golf Courses Reporting Unauthorized Cart Use 48%
% Of Golf Cart Accidents Involving Someone Falling Out 40%
% Of Carts Sold For Other Than Golf 40%
% Golf Cart Injuries/Accidents Involving Kids And Teenagers 31.2%