Stinger Classic/SLV Instructions

Stinger Classic/SLV

User Instructions 

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A) Vehicle Operation

  1. Enter the user code. For the first time, enter 2314.
  2. Press the big red START/STOP button in the center.
  3. The Stinger should beep 3 times.
  4. The battery monitor LEDs should provide an indication of battery voltage level.
    • a. All 4 LEDs lit means the battery is fully charged.
    • b. 3 LEDs lit means the battery is 75% charged.
    • c. 2 LEDs lit means the battery is 50% charged.
    • d. 1 LED lit means the battery is nearly drained.
  5. To deactivate the Stinger, press the START/STOP button again.

B) Change/Update User Code

  1. Make sure the Stinger is OFF.
  2. Enter the 8 digit Master Code (found on the DO NOT LOSE card) and push the Start/Stop button.
  3. The battery meter should start blinking if you entered it correctly.
  4. Now enter the new 4 digit user code, then press the start/stop button to turn the Stinger OFF.
  5. Your new user code is now ready to be used and the old one is deleted.