XiQ’s FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Attention! Should you find yourself at this page, please heed our warning before reading more. This may help you solve any possible Stinger issues.

⚠️The Stinger is designed to operate cart ignitions and monitor battery power levels only. Therefore, it performs best under the specific set of conditions described in the installation process. Please install exactly as directed. DO NOT attempt to connect the Stinger in series to other accessories such as speakers, lights, voltage regulators, etc. Doing so will hinder or prevent optimum Stinger performance.

One more very important piece of information…

⚠️Most golf carts have either 12 Volt or 8 Volt batteries. The Stinger works off of a 12 Volt or 16 Volt battery. If you’re using 8 Volt batteries, please put two 8 Volt batteries in series to create 16 Volts. The same applies to 6 Volt batteries. Put two 6 Volt batteries in series to create 12 Volts. Then your Stinger will function properly.

How can I get stung?

A: You could slap a hornet’s nest or walk carelessly through a honey bee farm.  But seriously, you can reach out to us directly at getstung@teamxiq.com. You may also contact your local dealer so they can request a Stinger through us. Now, we’re not telling you how to live your life. We’re just saying the choice is yours. Golf car or ER?

May I install it myself?

A: You may, but unless you are an authorized golf cart dealer, it will void the one year limited warranty. We have tested our product extensively and expect it to last for years but the warranty is to protect your investment.

My RXV and/or Universal Stinger appears to be having some electrical issues. What have I missed?

A: Usually this is caused by incorrect cable connection to the cart battery. Our patented Stinger digital battery meter can read the entire load output by connecting to just one battery instead of all of them. Simply hook up the positive wire to the positive terminal and negative wire to the negative terminal.  For an 8V or 12V battery configuration, connect the cables to any SINGLE battery. For a 6V configuration, connect the cables to any 2 batteries.

Can my Stinger get wet?

A: Absolutely. It is highly water resistant but it is not waterproof. Do not test this by putting your cart underwater with an installed Stinger or spraying it directly with water. That will void the warranty.

Can my Stinger be exposed to the outdoor elements?

A: Yes. We have designed the housing to be strong and withstand most weather. It may not survive in the following weather: Tornados, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Apocolypses.

How much is the Stinger?

A: Good question! The MSRP for the Universal Stinger (operating gas & electric carts) is $285. The MSRP for the Stinger RXV (operating E-Z-GO RXV carts) is $300.  The MSRP for the Stinger BOSS (operating crossover and utility carts) is $350. Contact us for bulk order discounts.

What types of carts will your Stinger work on?

A: Most golf carts and select utility carts. If you’re not sure that your cart’s make and model qualifies, feel free to review our Stinger Compatibility Checker. We’ll determine if your vehicle meets Stinger design specifications. Rest assured, we’re improving our product regularly so the number of compatible cart brands continually expands.

I want customization of my Stinger(s). Can this be done?

A: You bet your bottom dollar it can! Just reach out to us and we will see what we can do for you!

The app: What happens if it crashes?

A: First, make sure everyone is ok. Second, Reboot. Third, if that does not work, reach out to us at getstung@teamxiq.com

Can you customize the app?

A: We sure can. Call/Email us and let’s see how we can help.

I want more features. When?

A: At XiQ, our engineers are hard at work down in the labs everyday prepping the Stinger for the next upgrade/feature launch. Also, it has nothing to do with locking the lab doors either.

If my Stinger fails within the year, now what?

A: That’s a bummer. Reach out to us and we will send you a new one once we have received your defective Stinger and had a chance to evaluate it for warranty standards. Once cleared, we send you a new one. That simple.

The Stinger is awesome. What else do you have up your sleeve?

A: Pigeons. Just kidding it’s a magic joke. We have several products currently being tested and developed that are unlike ANYTHING else on the market. Be the first to hear about it by signing up to our Newsletter.

How do you use my email?

Just for internal newsletters and promotions only. We promise.

How secure is the Stinger?

A: Secure. Nothing is 100% but we have used the latest encryption technology for the app so that we ensure your investment remains in your garage or other secure area.

Does the Stinger work on fleets?

A: Yes. We designed our Stinger with the individual user as well as the multi-user in mind. We can customize your Stingers to meet your individual company’s needs.

Who is XiQ?

A: A mysterious disruptor innovative think tank that holds secret meetings in an underground bunker in an undisclosed location. Well…you can find us on our social media and on our About page.

What drives you all?

A; The sincere desire to bring great and innovative products to the world.